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We set out on our tour from Štíty Square on the blue tourist trail, around the train station and 4 km to the village of Heroltice. In Heroltice we stay on the blue trail all the way to Mlýnický dvůr - Úvoz (2.5 km). A little ways beyond Úvoz we turn onto the yellow trail, which will take us to Buková hora (3 km). We leave Buková hora on the green trail, which after 3 km takes us to the main road that divides the mountain ridge of Bukovohorská hornatina (Buková Mountain Highlands) into two parts. Cross the road and continue on the green trail to Suchý vrch (3 km). From Suchý vrch we descend on the red trail and a short turn onto the green trail to Bouda Fortress (2 km). We return for just under a kilometre on the green trail to the red trail and continue to Vysoký kámen (4 km). We still have 3 km on the red trail before our destination – the Mladkov railway station. Trains to Štíty depart daily at 18:06 or later at 20.08.

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At one time the entire mountain was covered by beech forests. In the spring, when the new green growth appeared, and in the autumn when the mountain was ablaze with yellow and red leaves, the visibility was so good you could see all the way to Hradec Králové. It is said that there is treasure hidden in the mountain. During the Thirty Years War many people left their native hamlets along with their property and hid in the mountains, valleys, rocks, and in the numerous caves. They lived hidden with the fear that they would be captured by the army. Buková Mountain offered many good hiding places for people to stash their property. This was the only security against thieves and plundering armies.



The observation has stood on Suchý vrch since 1932. During the Second World War it was occupied by the Germans along with adjacent Kramář Lodge, and served as a watchtower. Following the war the second lookout platform was glazed in and television antennas were erected on the top. In 1986 the observation tower underwent its third, and perhaps already its final, reconstruction. This work gave the tower its distinct mushroom shape. In time the television antennas were taken down and the observation tower today serves the same purpose as before the war.


The Bouda Artillery Fortress is currently the largest museum of a Czechoslovak permanent fortress within the Czech Republic. The museum is operated in the Bouda Artillery Fortress, which was part of the fortification system built in 1935-1938. In 1995 Bouda Fortress was declared a cultural monument by the Czech Ministry of Culture.


Mladkov is a border village near the Tichá Orlice River in the Mladkov Highlands, 11 km from Žamberk. The first written record of the village dates to 1350, and in the 16th century a glassworks was in operation in Mladkov. On the site known as Bilý zámek ("White Chateau," on the left bank of the river) stood the fortress with moat of Jan of Potštejn from 1513 (remains of sloping fortress grounds and moat). Located in the village is the Church of St. John the Baptist from 1697, originally Baroque and rebuilt in 1732 – 1744.

  • Štíty
  • Buková hora Natural Park
  • Suchý vrch
  • Králíky Fortress Area (Bouda Fortress)
  • Mladkov
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Length of the trail: 27 km
Maximum altitude: 995 m above sea level
Minimum altitude: 400 m above sea level
Overall climb: 555 m
Approximate time of hike: 9 hours
Difficulty level: medium


8:00 Beginning of hiking trail on Štíty Square

17.30 Arrival at Mladkov railway station
17.35 Departure of train to Štíty

18.25 Arrival in Štíty
19.00 Dinner at the restaurant Černá Kočka in Štíty


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