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We follow the red hiking trail from Štíty Square. At the beginning the trail runs along the road (Na Pilníku); after the auto service opposite the bus stop turn left onto the ascending forest trail. After 3.5 km we reach Sychrov Pond, which boasts a great variety of water fauna. Due to the fact that the pond is private property no swimming or fishing is permitted. At Sychrov we leave the red trail and continue to the right (south) on the yellow trail to the village of Horní Studénky. On the left side of the trail we pass a hunting lodge and continue on until the Church of St. Leonard. We leave the village by following the blue hiking trail to the west from the church (i.e. the trail at our back when facing the church). In places it might seem that we are walking on private property, but before long a chapel will be visible in the shadow of a memorial linden tree. At this point turn to the left and descend through the open terrain to the maple-lined alley on the busy road. After approximately 300 metres exit the road at the guidepost and continue along the blue trail through the woods to Štíty.

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The church, originally Marian, in the 16th century Hussite, later consecrated St. Leonard's, guardian of livestock and prisoners, must have been built soon after the founding of the village (1350) because in 1481 Bishop Jan of Varadín granted independent clergy administration here. The church has had its current form since 1666. The origin of pilgrimages and reverence for St. Leonard is explained by the fact that livestock was the main source of livelihood for the people in this region. Hundreds of people from the Orlické Mountains Region and Šumperk Region came and still some here on pilgrimages; before 1941 they came in even greater numbers. The pilgrimage church is flanked by convents that have been spoken of since 1734. These were built to protect pilgrims against bad weather; later a local cemetery was established at the site.



Construction of the hunting lodge was completed in 1981. The lodge has a capacity of 60 people, and currently can accommodate 30 overnight guests. The lodge is situated at the upper end of the trail, not far from Sychrov Pond.


Horní Studénky is a mountain village located at an altitude of 460 – 600 metres above sea level. The village was already in existence prior to 1350 and currently has a population of 350.


The fishing pond, covering an area of 1.26 ha, was built in 1964.

  • Štíty
  • Sychrov Pond
  • Horní Studénky
  • Štíty
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Length of the trail: 8.5 km
Štíty Square - 570 metres above sea level
Sychrov Pond - 578 metres above sea level
Horní Studénky - 578 metres above sea level at the church


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