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We set out by car from Štíty on Road No. 43 to Králíky and then by Road No. 312 to the village of Dolní Morava. After leaving the car in the parking lot "Na Konečné" at Vilemína Lodge we set off on the yellow hiking trail. After 4.3 km we arrive at Pod Vilemínkou, where the karst cave called "Tvarožné díry" is located. We continue along the yellow trail. After 6.3 km we reach a spot called Ve Strži, through which the Morava flows. We climb past František's Lodge and Sněžná Lodge up to the crossroads of the yellow and red trails and the mountain service station – H. S. Franciska (1,220 metres above sea level). At the peak of Kralický Sněžník we continue past the statue of a small elephant that stands on the foundation of a demolished cottage. The source of the Morava River is found at the altitude of 1,390 metres above sea level on the southern slope of Kralický Sněžník. At the summit we find remains of a stone observation tower dating to 1899, and from this spot there are fantastic views of the Orlické Mountains, the Rychlebské Mountains, the Staré Město Region, and the Hrubý Jeseník Mountains. When the visibility is good even Olomouc, the Krkonoše Mountains, and the Beskydy Mountains can be seen. A little ways on stands a sign warning that the country border is here, and that the border crossing (hikers require passports) is open Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 to 20:00. If you continue along the green trail it will take you to a Polish lodge below Sněžník (approximately 1.5 km). The stone marker designates the historical border of the Bohemian kingdom, the Moravian margraviate, and the Kladsko earldom. We descend from the summit of Kralický Sněžník on the red trail to Zbojnická Lodge. Continue along this trail through the thick spruce forest. After about 4 kilometres we reach a spot called Pod Sršňovkou where we join the blue hiking trail; this trail will lead us to the parking lot Pod Klepáčem, and we continue another 3 km to the parking lot at Vilemína Lodge, where we left our car.

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The stone observation tower was destroyed by Polish sappers in 1973. Today the pile of stones gives the impression of being part of the mountain peak.



The source of the Morava River is found at the altitude of 1,390 metres above sea level on the southern slope of Kralický Sněžník. An interesting fact is that the sources of three rivers that flow to three different seas are located on Kralický Sněžník. Lipkovský Brook (tributary of the Tichá Orlice River) to the North Sea, the Morava River to the Black Sea, and the Kladská Nisa River to the Baltic Sea. This is why Kralický Sněžník is called the "Rooftop of Europe."


While over time the statue of the elephant has become a type of symbol for Kralický Sněžník, there is very little material documenting the history of its existence. It was likely built here in 1932 as the symbol of young artists and writers from Šumperk that met here and tried to bring Czechs and Germans together through culture.


The caves are 240 metres long and are situated at an altitude of 840-842 metres above sea level. The average temperature here is around 5° C. Since 1968 speleological research has kept the caves closed to the general public.

  • Ascent of Králický Sněžník (1,423.7 metres above seas level) on the border of the Czech Republic and Poland
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Length of the hiking trail: 21 km
Maximum altitude: 1,423 metres above sea level
Minimum altitude: 670 meters above sea level
Overall climb: 753 m
Approximate time of hike: 8 hours


9:00 Departure
9:40 Arrival at parking lot to Dolní Morava
9:50 Start of climb up Králický Sněžník

16.30 Arrival at parking lot in Dolní Morava
17.00 Dinner, for example at the restaurant Čertovka in Dolní Orlice

19.30 Arrival at pension in Štíty


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